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0-3 years


Nong Malee aka Baby Jasmine had been left to fight for herself in a terrifying place where wild aggressive dogs live. It was at the back of a big school where motorbikes and cars constantly drove in and out. The inevitable happened.

She was bitten by an agressive dog while serching for her family. Poor Nong Malee had been dragging herself around in terrible pain with two broken vertabre for two weeks.

The kind woman who'd been feeding her asked for our help. She brought Nong Malee to us and the next day we rushed her to our special cases vet. Nong Malee's xrays showed two fractured vertabrea. Her spinal cord hadn't been severed so there was hope that she could walk again.

Nong Malee has a fighting spirit. In the short time she's been with us, her back legs have already gained strength. She's a very active little puppy and always on the move, which is great way to keep her back legs supple.

We will do our utmost to help Nong Malee to regain the use of her back legs, but she needs your help too.

It would be wonderful if you would consider helping the sweet little puppy who has suffered terrible trauma in her short life. 

Nong Malee would love some sponsors to give her special care during her long recovery. 

Prosím sponzorujte mě!

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